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The executive staff of A Woman’s Choice is very pleased to announce that it has made decision to adopt the vital “Project Manger – Cribs for Life” program as a key element of A Woman’s Choice offerings. “Project Manger" is a program that provides new cribs to women who have made a choice to give birth to their child rather than the alternative.

Welcome to Project Manger-Cribs for Life



Learn more about the story of how Project Manger-Cribs for Life was born.  Also learn about how our organization is structured.

Donate Now


Please consider donating, any little bit helps.  There are two ways to donate, you can donate a crib or you can donate your time by volunteering.



See some pictures of our great work and of course pictures of our little miracles!!


Event Calendar


See when our next event is.  Whether if it is a distribution of cribs or a Parish fun drives for Project Manger-Cribs for Life this is where to where all the action is,  We hope to see you there! 




Please feel free to contact us with feedback and any questions you may have.