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How was Project Manger Born?

Project Manger started in 2008, when Denny d'Alelio from Knights of Columbus of Holy Spirit Parish answered a plea from Dolores Wisecarver, Executive Director of A Woman's Choice at the time. One of Delores’ clients had confided that she had an abortion because she didn't have a crib for the baby she already had and, in desperation, she aborted the second baby. A decision to ensure that no woman who came to A Woman’s Choice would ever have to make this decision in the future was made, the needed funds were acquired, and Project Manger was born. Further examination revealed that the need for these cribs was not only constant, but growing.  Project Manger has delivered over 1000 cribs with many more families in need. Project Manger, as an imbedded component of A Woman’s’ Choice, continues to deliver the following powerful message to our moms, "THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING LIFE."


What has Changed? 

A Woman's Choice has made a decision to adopt the vital “Project Manger – Cribs for Life” program as a key element of A Woman’s Choice offerings. One aspect that hasn't changed is our mission, Project Manger is a program that provides new cribs to women who have made a choice to give birth to their child rather than the alternative.


What does this Change Mean for You? 

It means that your contribution to Project Manger is fully tax deductible and is covered under the 501 C 3 umbrella of “A Womans Choice." 100% of your donation will continue to go ONLY to the costs of cribs and mattresses. Online donations can be made through this website and at


How can I Help? 

Online donations can be made through this website by clicking on "Donate a Crib" under the "Donate Now" menu button or at  Another way you can help is by donating your time by volunteering, please visit our Volunteer page for more information. Major fundraising drives will still be organized, scheduled and run by representatives of the parishes throughout the Diocese of Arlington; and most importantly, the Saturday before Father's Day, will continue to be set aside for delivery of cribs and mattresses directly to our clients from our Falls Church location by our great volunteers.  We pleased to announce that A Women's Choice has a second location in Herndon; they did a small delivery this past December and plan to continue to do so in the future.   Please see our "Event Calendar" to see all our upcoming events. 

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